We developed a bespoke timetabling application for a school with non-mainstream requirements. The platform chosen was Microsoft Access due to its rapid development process and ease of use on the client’s system.

The timetabling process had to be flexible enough to allow staff to be assigned roles depending on the class. Each class only required a list of pupils, rather than a full enrolment system. The software also allows a timetable to be printed for each class and for each member of staff.

As you can probably tell, for this school a traditional off-the-shelf timetabling solution would not be the most appropriate. As such, the only realistic solution was to develop a bespoke solution based on their exact requirements. The development of the software followed a normal iterative approach, with tweaks and improvements built in as they became apparent. This was another advantage to using Microsoft Access in this instance. Using a more traditional Windows application programming toolkit, such as .NET, would have meant that much more development time would have been spent on database logic. By using Microsoft Access, that logic was rapidly dealt with so the software could focus on the end result.

I’m happy to say that the software is currently in use!

Awyr created timetabling software using Microsoft Access

Written by Jonathon, categorised as case-study, 26 January 2013