We set up a server for a client to enable a rapid web development process. Files checked in to SVN are automatically deployed to the web server, so considerably boosting the speed of the testing process.

The client required a method of allowing a distributed team of developers to collaborate on the development of a gallery website. The developers also needed to be able to easily test their changes both against the data already on the site and against changes made by other team members. As such, a single web server which mirrored the content of the production site was set up.

The version control system chosen by the client was SVN, so the development server was set up with an SVN account for each member of the development team. For ease of access, Apache and mod_svn were employed. In this way, both per-user access control and a web interface were available.

In order to further speed the development process, and remove the need for manual site updates, the SVN repository was set up in such a way that the website files were automatically updated after each commit. This setup was designed so developers could get immediate feedback on their changes and could check the effects before the changes were transitioned into the production site. It also means that any negative effects can be easily reversed.

Awyr set up a web development server with automatic SVN checkout for rapid deployment

Written by Jonathon, categorised as case-study, 21 June 2013